Research and development

Iridium IS develops and commissions for its clients the main industrial control and command tools on the market.

Fields of action

Packages for the development of software in automation products for a new steering tool on new or existing media or for renovation.

Our objectives

  • Improve competitiveness
  • Manage costs
  • Guarantee results
  • Meet deadlines
  • Work safely, by ensuring the physical and mental safety of our staff with respect for the environment
    • 0 accidents
    • 0 occupational illnesses
    • 0 occupational illnesses

Turnkey project

Turnkey integration of a control command system that includes design, cabinets and an electrical worksite as well as automation design and commissioning to automate our clients’ production lines. We provide them with our experience and expertise in studying the requirements of, functional analysis and completion of production lines.

Our strength
Offering an innovative technical solution with the best control command tool as well as its peripherals.